Care & Maintenance


When you maintain your electric bike it will last longer. Maintenance is similar to a normal bike, with additional care for the motor and battery. 


Electric motors should last the lifespan of your electric bike. It is important that the electric motor is made by a reputable manufacturer. Our electric bikes have electric motors made by top electrical manufacturers such as Bafang, Panasonic and Bosch. 

Electric motors are sealed, making them durable and waterproof. If the motor has issues, it is best to refer to the manufacturer to claim your warranty. If it is after the warranty period, bring it for servicing with an electric bike mechanic.


Recharge your battery at room temperature. The battery will accept more charge this way, and this will increase the range and performance of your electric bike. When riding, avoid discharging the battery fully. Recharge the battery when the capacity drops to 10-20%. This will get you less range, but will extend battery life. 

When storing your battery, keep it dry, at room temperature and away from sunlight. If you are storing the battery for longer than 3 months, keep it charged between 30-60%. This will extend battery life.


Regularly inspect your drivetrain. This includes the pedals, crank, chain and back hub of your wheels. Remove any pebbles, mud or grass you may find. To ensure the best quality ride, degrease and lube your bicycle chain at least once a month. 


Make sure you have enough pressure in your tires. Properly inflated tires will improve your mileage and increase battery life. Make sure you have enough threading on your tires, since bald tires can increase slippage and road accidents. 


Before cleaning your electric bike, remove the battery and display. 

Use a garden hose to spray your bike with water. Use regular dish wash and a brush to remove any dirt or mud. Do not use a jet / pressure washer, as this can drive out grease from wheel bearings and force water into the electronics. 

Be mindful about oil and grease on your disc brakes. Oil and grease on the surface of the disc brake can reduce brake performance. If you need to clean your disc brakes, use Isopropyl alcohol to clean dirt and oil from it. After one or two years, the hydraulics and cables of your disc brakes may need replacing. This is simple and can be done by a regular bike mechanic. 


When transporting your electric bike, remove its' batteries. The drive unit can also be covered with a waterproof layer for added protection. It is better to use a rear mounted bike rack instead of a roof mounted bike rack. This is because rear mounted bike racks are better at carrying heavier loads.

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