Design And Styling


Bike Design: Larger wheels, big soft seats often with springs, wide handle bars, slightly longer frames, upright seating position, simple and reliable design

Ride Characteristic: Comfortable, stable and easy to ride

Who Is This For: Casual bicyclists and vacationers who want a comfortable ride. Riders who want to easily upgrade and customise their rides e.g. adding saddle bags or luggage racks

Where Should You Ride This: City, beach or countryside paved roads

Why Would You Get This: Stylish, comfortable and easy to ride 




Bike Design: Solid construction, strong wheel rims, wider tires, powerful brakes, straight handlebars, front suspension and often back suspension  

Ride Characteristic: Fun and dynamic handling that makes it easy to switch speed and direction 

Who Is This For: Sporty outdoor enthusiasts who ride hard and expect a few bumps along the way 

Where Should You Ride This: Mountains, forests and the countryside with unpaved roads

Why Would You Get This: Built to last, dynamic ride, cushioning for rough terrain


Bike Design: Smaller wheels, narrower handle bars, folds to a smaller form

Ride Characteristic: Zippy and agile but slightly less stable then cruisers or mountain bikes 

Who Is This For: Vacationers who want to transport their bikes easily in the boot of their car. Daily commuters, especially those who use mix transport, who need a compact way to store their bike in their home or office 

Where Should You Ride This: City, beach or countryside paved roads

Why Would You Get This: Compact, easy to transport, easy to store 


Scooter Design: A wide range of designs, but all can be fully battery operated without pedalling

Ride Characteristic: Zippy and agile due to it's all electric design

Who Is This For: Small scooters can be stored in the boot of your car, in your home or in your office. Excellent for daily commuters, especially those who use mix transport and need to use it for their last mile commute

Where Should You Ride This: Ideal for city or urban paved roads 

Why Would You Get This: Most are compact and easy to store. Due to its mid range and all electric design, it would be most suited to run errands around town or in your neighbourhood 





3 Unique Designs For Different Purposes:

Conventional Tricycle - Three mid-sized wheels and mid-width handle bars. Increased stability makes it suited for beginners and senior riders. Can easily navigate over potholes. Often fitted with a cargo basket, making it ideal for running errands around town or quick trips to the grocery store

Recumbent Tricycle - Three mid-sized wheels and narrower handle bars. It has a recumbent (laid back) riding position, putting less stress on your knee joints. Great for beginners, senior riders and cross country tourers    

Drift Tricycle - Three small wheels with narrower handle bars. Built for drifting, which is a sports activity of speeding and sliding down hilly paved roads. The addition of an electric motor enables it to drift on flat or inclined surfaces. Ideal for beginners or sports enthusiasts who seek a high fun factor 



Bike Design: Same as regular bikes but with tire width of 3.8 inches or more

Ride Characteristic: Extra stable, high traction and more cushioning 

Who Is This For: For any rider who seeks an all terrain, all weather bike  

Where Should You Ride This: Suited for snow, sand, gravel, mud and slippery or rough terrain 

Why Would You Get This: You want a bike that handles all types of terrain and weather, especially snow or beach riding. You want extra stability and comfort in your ride. 


Bike Design: Similar to a normal bike but with a lower top bar to easily get on and off of your bike.

Ride Characteristic: Rides like a normal bike but with an upright seating position. Easy for your feet to touch the ground and easy to dismount if you feel like you are going to fall over. 

Who Is This For: Lady riders who wear skirts. Older riders who want to easily get on and off their bikes. 

Where Should You Ride This: City paved roads, especially if you ride through many traffic lights. 

Why Would You Get This: If you are a lady rider who commutes everyday. If you are an older person who wants to easily get on and off your bike. If you are a beginner who is just learning how to ride a bike.  




Scooter Design: Smaller wheels, larger seat, platform for feet, steering handle or wheel, high capacity battery

Ride Characteristic: Comfortable, stable and easy to ride

Who Is This For: The elderly, those with reduced mobility or people who can’t walk for a long time e.g. arthritics 

Where Should You Ride This: Smaller models can be used indoors such as your home or shopping malls. Larger models can be used on roads or pavements.

Why Would You Get This: This will assist you in your daily activities such as going to the supermarket, running errands around town, visiting friends or going on holiday with your family.