Electric Bike Batteries

Batteries are an important part of your electric bike. They range between 200 watts and 500 watts and have an average charge time between 3 to 5 hours. All our electric bikes have a battery charger that is electronically compatible. Always use the provided battery charger, since it will protect your battery and improve its' lifespan.


Battery Position 

Mid Mounted

A popular setup where the battery is mounted at the middle of the bike. This gives better weight distribution and a balanced ride. Mid mounted batteries are easier to remove from the bike when it's time to recharge.



Rear Mounted

Common on step-through bike frames, the battery is mounted on a rack on top of the rear wheel. With the battery out of the way, the rider can easily "step-through" the bike frame for easy access.



Battery Type

Lead Acid

Lead acid batteries are cheaper and common on budget bikes. They are reliable with a high-power output, but are heavier. This means better acceleration, but reduced range. Typical lifespan of this battery is between 200 – 300 recharge cycles.



Lithium batteries are smaller in size and lighter in weight. Typical lifespan is between 500 – 1500 recharge cycles, a potential 5 times the lifespan of lead acid batteries. The main drawback is they cost more, with higher upfront cost and replacement cost.



Battery Ratings

Voltage (V)

Higher voltage means faster acceleration and more "horse power". Popular voltage ratings include 24V, 36V and 48V. Choose a higher voltage if you climb a lot of hills or you use your bike to ferry cargo. Choose a lower voltage if you ride primarily on flat roads and want to maximise your mileage per charge.


Amp Hours (Ah)

Higher amp hours equals a bigger “fuel tank” in your bike. This is the total energy stored in the battery and is a good indicator to the mileage you will get from a single charge. Choose a higher Amp Hour if you want more range from a single charge. A battery pack rated between 10Ah – 15Ah should be more than enough for your daily needs.