Electric Bike Motors

The power of your electric motor should be matched to the type of roads you will most likely ride on. 

Powerful electric motors are better for hilly roads, since they have higher torque and will pull you uphill easily. You will find them on electric mountain bikes, where fast acceleration is important.  

Smaller electric motors are ideal for flat roads, since they will mostly likely be used to maintain speed. They are energy efficient, so you will get a higher mileage per charge. You will find them on electric city bikes, where energy efficiency is important.



Motor Location 

The location of your motor affects how seamlessly it adds power to your ride and how balanced and natural it feels to ride your bike. There are two motor locations, in the hub of your rear wheel and in the middle of the bike frame. 


Hub Drive 

Hub drive motors are located in the hub of your rear wheel. Power is derived from the rear wheel, similar to normal bikes. The rider’s weight is directly above the hub, giving good traction and stability. The ride feels natural, since you are being pushed forward. 

Hub drive motors have a simple design and require less maintenance. They are cheaper than mid drive motors, yet offer most of the benefits. They are cost-effective motors for electric bikes.



Mid Drive 

Mid drive motors are less common and more expensive. They are located in the middle of the frame, where they assist to drive the crank directly. This makes them extremely effective for climbing hills. 

Mid drive motors have an efficient design, so are smaller and lighter. This will reduce the overall weight of your bike, yet there is power when needed. Stability is greatly improved, since the motor is in the middle of the bike frame. 

Mid drive electric bikes have the added benefit of quick release wheels. This is a good feature if you have limited storage space in your home or need to transport the bike in the boot of your car.